Give Your Time

We need your time - whether it's 5 minutes, 5 hours, or 5 weeks. We have opportunities that fit into all kinds of schedules.


Give Your Talent

We need your talent - volunteer doing something you love. Whatever your talent, we have a place for you to serve.


Give Your Treasures

We need your treasures to support operating expenses, and your favorite church mission programs.

Pledge financially through in person, automatic bank pay, or planned giving donations.

Standing Order
The most effective and convenient way to give is by regular standing order. Decide how much you want to give, set up automatic withdrawals from your checking account using your bank's online bill pay system, and let your giving take care of itself each month. 

At Sunday Worship
You can continue to give in person while attending any worship service. Just place your check or cash in the offering during any Sunday service. For your convenience, offering envelopes are available from our financial secretary for tithing. You can place cash or checks (payable to The United Church of Christ, Southbury) in one of these envelopes and put it in the offering during any Sunday service, or mail it to The United Church of Christ, Southbury and we will apply your gift.

By Mail
If you would prefer to send your contribution by mail, you may do so by making your check out to "The United Church of Christ, Southbury" and mailing it to:

Financial Secretary
The United Church of Christ, Southbury
283 Main Street North
Southbury, CT 06488


The Deacon’s Fund

For a number of years now, the loose plate offering (those monies received that are not in an offering envelope or by check) on Communion Sundays (the 1st Sunday of each month) have gone to what is called the Deacons’ Fund. This fund is used to help those in need in our congregation or community. The funds are dispersed through the Minister’s Discretionary Fund or by a direct gift given by vote of the Board of Deacons. We have also over the past few years made all the loose plate offerings on Christmas Eve at the two evening services available for the Deacons’ Fund.

In the past, the Deacons’ Fund has helped pay for heating fuel, first rent, lodging in an emergency, food, as well as emergency costs. Many families in our Church and in our community have been touched through the generosity of the Deacons’ Fund. This has been a tough year for many in our community and the Deacons’ Fund has been there to help, but now the Deacons’ Fund needs your help.

You can help keep the love shown through the Deacons’ Fund going by putting in extra loose plate monies on the 1st Sunday of each month, by making a direct donation to the Deacons’ Fund, and next month by placing an extra donation in the loose plate at one of the services on Christmas Eve. By sharing in this way you will be helping those in need in our Church family and in our community.

As we all know, we are in some very tough economic times. This has been very tough on many financially. Your gifts to the Deacons’ Fund will help the Deacons and the Pastor take care of those in need in our Church family and community.


Gift Planning

Qualified Charitable Distributions (QCD)
If you have a required minimum distribution from an inherited IRA OR you or your spouse are over age 70½ and have a retirement plan that requires a Required Minimum Distribution (RMD), you may be eligible to make a Qualified Charitable Distribution (QCD) to UCC, Southbury and potentially receive federal and state tax benefits even if you do not itemize your taxes! Using a QCD can reduce income on your federal or state tax return. (It can also potentially reduce the taxable portion of your Social Security.)

Gifts of appreciated stock, mutual funds, land, etc.
Gifting certain assets can be done to benefit UCC, Southbury while avoiding income and tax liabilities to you.

Legacy and Estate Planning Strategies
Does your family need 100% of your assets when die? Would you like to donate some of your assets to your UCC, Southbury Church family to help continue God’s work? Ideas could include naming UCC, Southbury as a partial beneficiary on your retirement account, annuity or life insurance plan. There are many opportunities to continue supporting UCC, Southbury, please call us to discuss your thoughts, so we can develop a strategy to help you fulfill your charitable goals.

Please note: The United Church of Christ, Southbury or the Board of Stewardship cannot provide specific tax or legal advice, so please speak with competent financial, tax and legal professionals.


Pledge Your Time, Talent and Treasures

Every person's pledge of their time, talent and treasures is an individual decision. Every pledge is important, and everyone’s participation is needed. We promise to honor your gifts with faithful stewardship, ethical business practices, and full accountability. This is the commitment we make to you. Pledge now and take the first step on this exciting journey.

If pledging jointly, please add second person's name.
Hours per month
I plan to fulfill my pledge by making payments:
I would like to discuss having the Church included in my will or as part of my gift planning. Please have someone contact me.