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Welcome to The United Church of Christ, Southbury

The day of the hermit, the lone wolf, and the self-made individual needs to be gone forever. Made in the image of God, we are so constituted that we thrive on partnership, companionship and fellowship. We do things better, we produce more, and we live happier by helping one another. The person who lends a helping hand discovers that it benefits them as well. When we do not support one another, our lives begin to get off track. We really need one another. The most important word in the world is “We”. This month let us find ways to work together for the kingdom of God. 

-Reverend Walter Pitman 

The Reverend Walter Pitman Senior Pastor

The Reverend Walter Pitman
Senior Pastor

The Reverend Cynthia Holden Pastoral Care Minister

The Reverend Cynthia Holden
Pastoral Care Minister

That they may all be one.
— John 17:21

This motto of the United Church of Christ reflects the spirit of unity on which it is based and points toward future efforts to heal the divisions in the body of Christ. We are a uniting church as well as a united church.

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Every Sunday brings a message of hope.


Sunday, February 5th

Preserving the Light based on Matthew 5:13-20 


Healing and Reconciling based on Psalm 119:1-8 and Matthew 5:20-37 


A Better Way based on Leviticus 19:1-2, 9-18 and Matthew 5:38-48. 


Changing based on 2nd Peter 1:16-21 and Matthew 17:1-9 


Worship the Lord in Giving


We are a volunteer organization that needs and appreciates the time, talents and tithes that you give to support our missions within our community and abroad. Do you have a talent you'd like to share?Can you give an hour or two or more of your time each week or month? A little extra financially? What may seem like so little can really add up over the year. The time, talents and tithes that you give make our many programs and missions possible.


Serving and Getting Involved


Sunday School

We provide kids bible study and teaching during our 9:30am service. Be a presenter or shepherd!

Women's Fellowship

Connect with a variety of women spiritually, emotionally and socially as we grow in Christ together.

Child Care

We provide childcare during all services at the church. Feel free to volunteer! 


SPF, JPF and Kids Klub youth group meetings = Fellowship, fun, learning, silliness and of course God!


Caring & Support

Be a presence in the lives of our members and their families during times of celebration and crisis.


We have regular mission outreach to local, and regional programs and areas. Get Involved!

Bible Study

Join us Tuesday at 10:30am as we study, reflect and discuss scripture, and its relevancy for today.

Men's Group

A variety of events and activities that promise fun and promote fellowship. Ask about the Rib Runners!


Vitality Group

Help us plan and sponsor events the whole community will enjoy and benefit from. Bring a friend!


Feeling called to be part of the worship team? Greeters, ushers, fellowship hour help and more.


Musical? Good voice? Sing in the choir, serve on the Music committee, ring a bell or attend an event. 


Our boards and committees are the perfect platform for leadership stewarding. Let's do this!


Visit The United Church of Christ, Southbury this Sunday at 9:30am